Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day!

Classes were canceled today due to snow and ice. Amazingly January 12th has been our first real snow this winter! Of course the kids were so excited when they woke up, but they weren't aware of how COLD it was today. I think the temp hovered around 19 with blustering winds. Needless to say, we did not spend much time playing in the snow.

But we managed to get a couple of short sledding sessions.

 And Scout enjoyed her first snow! 

But, with the blustering winds and bitter cold, we had to find some creative things to do inside. I know that Valentines Day is over a month away, but we have a lot of kids to make cards for, so we started to tackle that project. 

We gathered all the red, pink, purple, silver and other pretty colors out of the craft boxes and got to glueing, painting, and glittering. 

Cookie sheets under the Valentines was an attempt to keep the paint, glue and glitter off the table.

This "snowy day project" actually kept the girls content for hours! They just LOVE to craft! 

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