Sunday, March 24, 2013

Feeling Inspired

Well, the kids are officially on spring break, thanks to a couple of snow days. I am not a cold weather lover and I am dying for warm weather, yet somehow today I am feeling inspired; in an artsy kind of way. 

This is what it looks like outside my front door today. It's been snowing for about 6 hours so far. 

I am not feeling inspired to go outside! That's for sure.

But I got my Shop open today! I haven't added all of the images yet, but I'm getting there. 

Working with 3 kids at home is not easy! 

I also almost completed the kids play area in the basement today. It looks so cute. Maybe they will play downstairs while I workout now. There's still more to do in the basement...a lot more! It is still so dusty from construction. 

So, I'm thinking of adding canvases to my shop that are inspirational. I'm not sure about the laws of quoting an author. 

I was reading an article by Amy Marxkors and I just love a saying she had in it. I want it on a canvas so I can hang it. I want to see it every morning so I can wake up motivated. 

This is what it said...

I just love it, don't you?! 

I'm not sure about selling that one, since it's not my words. But, I'm pretty sure I can sell this one...It's from the Bible...

And I want this one to hang in my girl's bathroom. I want them to read it every morning as well. I think it would help them to remember what's important, especially as they get older.

What do you think? Would you buy inspirational canvases? What inspires you? 

Don't forget to visit the Shop 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm Connected Again!

Wow! It felt like we were never going to have internet again! Long story short, we haven't had real internet service since we moved out of our old house in November and the only way we were able to connect was through Chad's iphone, so when Chad was out of town I was pretty much just out of luck. Sure, I could have gone somewhere to use Wi-Fi, but have any of you ever taken 3 kids to a coffee shop and tried to work? Yeah, it's not fun, trust me. 

Now that I am able to connect with everyone I am stumped. I'm sure I have a million things to say, I just can't think of them. 

I have some things to post, I just need to gather and organize my thoughts and pics first. 

Totally random post, I know. I am just excited and wanted to announce that I am connected to the world again!