Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rainbow Rice - Sensory Bin

What you will need:
Uncooked white rice (I used 1 cup for each color).
Food coloring (1/2 tsp per cup of rice)
Rubbing alcohol (1 tsp per cup of rice)
Plastic baggies
and a place to dry the rice (I laid wax paper on cookie sheets)

The task was very simple. I put 1 cup of rice in a Ziploc bag, poured in the food coloring and alcohol, sealed the bag, mixed it up and then poured it on the wax paper to dry.

The rice dries pretty quick, which is good if you have kids as impatient as mine. So, the next morning (remember I was dying this rice at 11pm) I poured it all into a plastic container. It wasn't all that easy to keep the colors separated like the photo on Pinterest shows, but I soon found out that there was no point in keeping the colors separate.

When my kids saw the rice you would have sworn it was Christmas morning. They couldn't stop asking questions about it and begging to play with it! So, with the early morning frost I waddled, with my pregnant belly, out to the sandbox and dug out some toys. I of course had to wash them.

And finally they got to play! I have to admit, I was surprised at how much Kennedy (4) loved it. I thought she may be too old to really enjoy it and thought that Brooke (3) would love it. But they both LOVE playing in it!

And remember how I said there was no point in keeping the colors separate? This is the rice after playtime...

All in all, I rate this as a fun, easy and quick project. And the with kids loving it as much as they do, it was well worth it! There is only one "bad" thing about the rainbow rice, which was not mentioned in the original description...

The dye DID wash off with soap and water!

(A little side note: This is an old post, I decided to re-post. It is SO fun to see our old house and how little my kids were!) 

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