Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Garden Craft

I don't know about you, but we have had a REALLY LONG WINTER! We are all ready for Spring here in Missouri! But, it's 46 degrees, cloudy and windy :( So, I thought we could bring a little Springtime indoors. 

First, I gathered some supplies: cupcake holders, pompoms, jewels, pipe cleaners, and glue. Later I added some foam hearts and card stock to the mix for flowers. And when the flowers are finished you will need an empty egg carton and play dough. 

Please note: I used green pipe cleaners for the flower stems, but you can also use green straws or popsicle sticks. The pipe cleaners were just barely strong enough to support the flowers, so I recommend using the straws or sticks.

So, the glueing began. We used the cupcake holders first. They were a little tough because the glue saturated them so much that the objects didn't want to stick to them. 

But, the girls sure loved doing this project! They loved it so much we ended with a HUGE garden! (Good thing I buy my eggs at Costco!)

Since the cupcake holders were not working so well, I started cutting shapes out of card stock. This was much easier to glue things to. 

And so the glueing continued...

I finally convinced the girls that we needed to stop making flowers and let them dry so we could "plant them in our garden" 

So, to "plant" them I used an empty egg carton and play dough. I stuck balls of play dough into each egg hole and pushed it down firmly. Then we were able to stick the flowers in. This is why something stronger than pipe cleaners would have been nice, some of them were too top heavy. 

Overall, this was a fun project. The girls absolutely loved it! And we now have a beautiful garden in the middle of March, when it's freezing outside!  

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