Sunday, March 12, 2017

Holistic Nutrition and Auto Immune Disease

 Hello there! It's been quite sometime since I have sat down to write! But, guess what, I have exciting news! 

As you all know from reading my posts, I am passionate about natural living and holistic health. I have been for a long time! For many years I've been approached by people asking if I will help them live more naturally and help them learn about holistic "medicine." Well, now I am able to officially help those who ask. 

Over the last year I have become a certified holistic nutritionist

I have set a website specifically for my nutrition clients. You can visit it and read my story at 

You may be wondering why this is exciting news to you, after all, you (my readers) come from all over the world and I am located in the Midwestern United States. The exciting news is my nutrition clients are also located all over the world, I counsel my clients via the web! 

I utilize the Zoom app on my computer (you can also use your smart phone) to see and counsel my clients face to face. 

My specialty is helping my clients reverse the symptoms of auto immune disease. I also specialize in disease prevention, you know, those "genetic" diseases people often think they are destined to get? Yeah, they are preventable!  

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I am passionate about helping others live a life with less toxins and more vitality!