Saturday, June 23, 2018

Automatic Chicken Coop Door!

Eeeek! I am so excited to announce this! 

We are now able to have free range, pasture raised eggs without the hassle of letting the hens out each morning and locking them up each evening. 

I'm sure many of you can relate to this; 3 kids each in different sports and evening activities makes it hard to be home each night to lock the chicken coop door. We were really struggling with this. We have an abundance of predators like opposum, raccoon, foxes and coyotes so, leaving the door open past dark was not an option. 

We tried a fence for a while and realized that defeated the purpose of letting the hens free range on grass and bugs. 

Finally, my amazingly talented husband designed and built an automatic chicken coop door! This door is battery powered, so there's no need to have electric at the coop! And it uses light sensors to operate. The door opens at dawn and closes at dusk. It's unbelievable!

We've been using the door, testing it, and making slight adjustments for quite some time. And now, it's just right! 

We've grown to love this door so much we decided we should share this amazing-ness with other backyard chicken families. Again, my amazingly talented husband figured out how to have these doors manufactured in large quantities and they are now available on Amazon! 

This whole journey has been a year in the making! 

Our listing on Amazon is new. There are no reviews yet. And that's where we need your help! We'd love for you to try out our door and write us a review. The door is currently listed at a discounted price. We'd love to offer a bigger discount, but Amazon will not accept your reviews if the product is discounted too much. BUT, we do offer a full money back guarantee! And we offer full one-on-one phone support! Our family truly appreciates your support!